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In 1919, Bressmer & Francke (GmbH & Co) KG was founded by Friedrich H. Bressmer in Hamburg, and is today a third-generation business. The company as distributor of edible oils and fats in Greater Hamburg, because the founding family was involved with the oil mill industry.

Later, the firm started the business with packaging material for the manufacturing industry, and therefore, in 1939, the company Friedrich H. Bressmer (GmbH & Co.) KG was founded.

For both companies the individually liable company is Bressmer & Co. Handelsgesellschaft m.b.H., and Dr. Christian Bressmer is the managing director of all three companies.

In 1970, Bressmer & Francke (GmbH & Co.) KG started in the market of oil seeds, flours, cornflakes and extruded cereals.

Due to its great success the company expanded and by 2007 the firm Bressmer was relocated from Hamburg to Norderstedt near by the motorway and the airport of Hamburg, to provide its customers an optimal infrastructure.

At the location in Norderstedt the foodstuff ingredients and the packaging materials is market to food manufacturers, but also in the chemical-technical, pharmaceutical and cosmetic industry.

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