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The company Bressmer & Francke offers technical advice for the food industry and trades with food ingredients. The product quality is next to the customer satisfaction of particular importance for us. Since 2007, we are certified according to the International Food Standard (IFS) on the higher level.


We supply oils for different usages:

  • edible oils
  • oils from organic farming (Organic)
  • oils with a special fatty acid spectrum ...
    • ...high content of gamma-linolenic acid
    • ...high content of conjugated linolic acid
    • ...high content of gamma-linolenic acid
  • oils for cosmetic applications
  • kosher oils

Oils can be filled in different packaging sizes (IBC, barrel, canister). Longstanding forwarders provide an expeditious delivery to our customers.


All omega-3-products we offer are vegetable. The omega-3-oil is made from pure premium linseed-oil, first cold pressed. By using a specialised manufacturing process it is debittered and stabilized making it more palatable and giving the oil a pleasant nutty taste.

The 3-seeds-oil contains the best of sunflower-, flaxseed- and rapeseed-oil and has a well-balanced composition of Omega-6 to Omega-3.

These oils can be filled in 250 ml or 500 ml bottles as well as in IBC, barrel or canister.


We supply oils for different usages:

  • Edible fats
  • Fats high in lauric acid
  • Fats from organic farming (Organic)
  • Fats for cosmetic applications
  • Kosher fats

The products are packed in cartons or bagged cargos. We are able to offer the products by the piece or as palett.

Fat powder

We are able to produce each edible oil and fat we offer, as a fat powder. The product is suited to optimize the fatty acid composition in foodstuff, functional foods, nutraceuticals or dietary supplements.





As well as flours and pregelatinized flours, we produce cereals and crispies, likewise in organic quality or gluten-free. We are able to produce the crispies in different shapes, sizes and colours as well with different ingredients, flavours and coatings. The coatings are from flavours of natural sources. Likewise the flavour can be kept inside of the extruded product if the outer surface shall be kept in a natural appearance or to allow the flavour a slow expansion during the consumption. Next to our standard products we are able to develop and manufacture individual extruded products for special usage.

The products are available in conventionally quality and from organic farming (Organic).


We are specialized in food for babies and toddlers and offer a wide range of milk forumlae and cereal based porridges, mueslis, cookies and extrudered products.


Cereal baby food

All products are available pure as well as flavoured with fruits or vegetables. To get high quality products we are focused on the choose of our raw materials i.e. wheat, spelt, oat, barley as well as glutenfree varieties like amaranth, quinoa, buckwheat or millet. The raw materials used are not handled before these are analysed for pesticide residues and passed by the quality management. Due to separate production lines and special cleaning procedures we are able to manufacture also glutenfree babyfood.


Milk formulae

Breast milk is the best nutrition for babies. But if an alternative to breastfeeding is necessary, our milk formulas are optimal for the nutritional needs of the child´s development. Our dairy foods are produced without flavorings, colors or preservatives.


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