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Oils and Fats:

No packaging material at your place ! By cleaning all containers in our own purifying plant, we are able to make such a ecologically beneficial offer. The containers are filled in our own filling station with an enclosed tank facility of high-grade steel tanks with a tankage of 75 (metric) tons. The facility is located at Gutenbergring 37, Norderstedt, nearby Hamburg. More than 400 of our containers with a filling capacity from 800 up to 1000 liter are in circulation at any time.

The high throughout speed of the oils in our tank facility makes it possible, to supply products in a high quality and with a long shelf-life.

Our filling system provides that each oil remains absolut pure. This is guaranteed through separate pipings in our tank farm as well as in the filling system, and by using the containers always for just one sort of oil.

Furthermore we also provide oil in barrels of 200 liters or cans of 5, 10, 20, 25, and 30 liters. Smaller packaging materials are available, too.

Cereals and Cereal products:

Another main part of our business is the manufacturing of extruded and puffed partly defatted oil seeds and cereal products, commonly known as “Crispies”. We develop and manufacture individual extruded products for special usage. For example, we produce Crispies for the use in cereal-mixtures, chocolate bars, bars and bread mixes.
Almost 100 different shapes and possibilities offer a variety of intermediate goods and scopes for design for finished products.


We export our products worldwide. We have selling agencies in the Denmark, Finland, Netherlands, Norway, Portugal, Sweden and Spain.

Delivery and Transport:

Long-standing forwarders provide an expeditious delivery to the customer. Our clients are within all parts of food-industry, for example, in fish- and delicatessen manufacturing, baby food, bakery- and muesli-production, and also within the cosmetic industry.


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